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After you purchase a domain name, you have the following options:



Option 2: Sign up with a free web host - Put up with their advertising
If you don't want to sign up with a web host that requires monthly fees (option #1), you may opt to sign up with a free web host. 
- Create your web site using an HTML editor, such as Microsoft Frontpage
- Upload your web site to your web host
- Login to manage your domain name and redirect your domain name to point to the exact URL of the web site you uploaded to your web host.
Note: Most free web hosts impose their advertising so it automatically displays on your web site.

Option 3: Host on your system - Running a sever?
If you are running a personal web server and have the ability to attach one of your ip addresses to your web site, simply login to manage your domain name and redirect your domain name to point to the IP address or URL of your web site.

Option 4: don't create a web site - Save it for later
Many people register domain names without creating a web site.  Some want to register the name in case they want to create a site later.

Option 5: don't create a web site - Use the domain name for email
 Some people want to register a domain name so they can have their domain name as part of their email address.  For example, let's say Joe Smith has an email account on AOL called  But, he wants his customers to send email to  He can simply register the domain name of "".  Next, he can login to manage his domain name, and forward all email to "" to his AOL email account.  For example email sent to "" would automatically end up in his email box.  In fact, he could setup a wildcard option that says" automatically gets forwarded to email box.





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